Member National Federation of Independent Business

The Company

High Point Precision Products, Inc. is a serving member of the National Federation of Independent Business, FDA Registered and certified ISO 13485:2016 compliant.

The company was formed in 1971 by Charles Stipo. Known to his friends and family as “Chappy,” he was ambitious even as a kid. After serving in the U.S. Marines, Chappy served as a machine shop apprentice for six years before starting out on his own. Deciding it was time, he took his wife and two young children away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and moved to Sussex County and started his business with two Tornos Swiss Screw Machines in the basement of his newly purchased home. 31 years later, High Point Precision Products has become a full service manufacturing company, occupying a 10,000 square ft. facility.

After suffering an illness in 1999, Chappy handed the ball over to his son Marc. Marc attended Lock Haven University and had been involved as a full-time employee since 1993. Prior to that time, Marc worked summers operating secondary equipment and handling various administrative responsibilities. Marc is now an accomplished machinist and a respected business manager. His philosophy is to create superior components at a fair price and to create a long lasting relationship with each and every customer.

Our Staff

High Point Precision Products, Inc. currently employs 25 people who all share that same deep commitment to quality and customer care.

At High Point Precision Products, we can’t promise absolute perfection, but we strive for it every day.