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You need a vendor you can rely on. Someone who can manufacture your parts efficiently and reliably. We are that vendor. Companies trust us to assist them in designing and producing their parts consistently, efficiently, with little or no defect.

High Point Precision Products, Inc. is an FDA registered manufacturer of high-precision, tight-tolerance Swiss Style screw machined products and turned parts.

Our capabilities include CNC Swiss Machining and CNC Milling. We specialize in production of Swiss Style turned and milled parts for the Medical/Dental, Aerospace, Nuclear, Automotive, Fiber Optic and Military industries.

Our Computerized equipment ranges from Swiss Type Turning Lathes to Vertical Milling with 4th axes capability. Whatever your manufacturing requirements are for precision machined parts or products, High Point Precision Products has the equipment to manufacture them.

If you would like more information about High Point Precision Products, or would like to discuss your project, please call Marie O’Connor at 973-875-6229, ext. 15 ( We promise a courteous and prompt response.